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Stop using Excel for your Travel Schedule

If you find yourself using Excel to act as a schedule for your trip, then let me try asking you something.

What would an alternative to Excel look like?

In the context of travel scheduling, think of Trrip as the alternative. Trrip takes the necessary features from Excel and re-engineers them into a product designed specifically for making travel schedules. This creates a more efficient workflow to save you time, energy, and stress!


Ready to try it out?

10 things you can do with
a travel schedule
  1. Make all dinner reservations in advance. You can bet that 2 star Michelin needs to be reserved well before you get there.
  2. Make all tour reservations in advance. There are sometimes more than 20 different tours you can take in any given city. Do the research up front and save yourself the headache before you get there.
  3. Make all hotel reservations in advance. Want to explore different parts of the city? Want to be near a certain area? How many nights do you need? These are the questions you'll have answers to when you schedule beforehand. Scenarios like this come up all the time, and it's best to plan for them so you give yourself the best experience possible.
  4. Never forget where you need to be on any given day. Wake up late? Bad weather? Something get canceled? Guess what, having a schedule beforehand will help get you through unforseeable circumstances. You'll have options and several Plan B's to choose from.
  5. Never feel like you're missing out on something. Cathedrals, Temples, Museums, Food, Activities. There's so much to do that if you don't schedule beforehand you'll most likely miss something. But need not fret, when you plan accordingly you'll know almost every attraction there is to know! Say goodbye to, "Oh shoot! I wish I knew about that."
  6. Stress less. Going into a foreign place can be very overwhelming. When you have a schedule by your side, you can be less worried about the day-to-day and more present during the moment.
  7. More flexibility to be spontaneous. Ironically, when you give yourself a schedule, you give yourself the option to do something different without having any regrets. You'll be able to decide what to do more easily when you know exactly what it is you'd be missing.
  8. A written record. What if you revisit the same place in the next couple years? What if a friend decides to go? What if you're simply feeling nostalgic? All the hard work you put in to your travel schedule will pay dividends in the future. You have a written record that can be shared and used for future use.
  9. Transportation. Find out what the best mode of transportation is. Uber? Some countries use Grab instead. Is there a Metro? Or should you take the bus. How to get from point A to point B is valuable knowledge instead of figuring it out on the fly. Of course you might not have a choice in certain situations, but at least you'll know what options are available.
  10. Preparing for Visas if the country you're visiting has a specific policy. Some countries allow you to purchase one upon landing, but other countries, like Vietnam, require a Visa before you land. Know the ins-and-outs beforehand so you avoid a potentially disasterous outcome.