How I Started Trrip

Here’s a brief story of where the idea for Trrip got started: I was living in NYC and I was planning my first solo trip around SE Asia for 6+ months. I had no foreseeable end date in mind. That meant quitting my job, leaving friends and family behind, and diving two feet in as an indie hacker. This was a philosophy that I strictly advised against while building my first startup Birrdi - a B2B golf tee time reservation system that integrates natively with Square POS (the first and only solution on the market to do so). Read more →

How Do I Make a Travel Itinerary

So you’re going on a trip? Whether it’s your first or your one hundredth, here are some tips to help you plan: It’s best to do the research on your own and then organize into concrete days. For example, if I were planning a trip to Tokyo I would probably start by googling Tokyo itineraries. I might check out 10+ blogs to get a feel for the main attractions. I might buy a lonely planet book on Tokyo to corroborate a lot of my findings and get their expert perspective. Read more →